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Roberts Bukarts KHL 10/11
Skatījumu skaits: 1401 | Izmēri: 1600x734px/187.4Kb
Datums: 2011-03-28 | Birkas: Roberts Bukarts KHL 10/11 | Pievienoja: Kalveens10
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2 Idris   [Materiāls]
I spoke with Bell a handful of times last year. I think he made a miakste, and it was during one of his first days in San Jose. It was reported that he has not touched alcohol since then, and I think a lot of people online need ease off a little.The Sharks focused more on locking up their core, a previous extension with Cheechoo was matched this offseason by signing Rivet, Thornton, Michalek and Marleau.The loss of Hannan and Toskala will be a big adjustment, but really the only question marks are the backup goaltending position, the #6 defensive role, and possibly 1 or 2 slots up front (including one reserve). This is a deep team that needed very little tweaking.Roenick dropped a spin-o-rama on Christain Ehrhoff in training camp, and took the puck to the net 3 other times in the only scrimmage I watched. I think the Sharks need him in more of a 2-way role than a goal scorer role the Kings and Coyotes needed from him. And if he garners the usual amount of media attention, this is a no brainer for Doug Wilson.Two huge defenseman Alexei Semenov and Brad Norton, first round pick Ty Wishart, and a handful of prospects are making the competition for defense tight, but generating offense from the blueline was a problem. The regular season will be a prelude to the playoffs, and it is something he can adress if needed via a trade.People are getting a little ahead of themselves with rumors of Eshche and Joseph. Sharks AHL goaltenders Dimitri Patzold and Thomas Greiss can step into the NHL right now, but can they be solid for 10-20 games and keep Nabokov fresh for the postseason.About Ozolinsh, the Sharks are the perfect situation. He has a reputation here. When the Sharks made the playoffs with him and upset Detroit in 1994, downtown San Jose went crazy. They thought the Stanley Cup was coming here. The training staff is solid, and downtown San Jose, I hate to say it, looked like a ghost town last Saturday night. I am not sure he can make the NHL club with the level of players that are competing, but he has more than earned an opportunity.

1 Bones   [Materiāls]
Heck yeah this is exactly what I neeedd.

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